Someone wrote in [community profile] jsmn_kinkmeme 2015-06-28 07:33 pm (UTC)

Strange/Norrell World War 1 (WIP)

Prompt: At the end of the book, Norrell mentions that the Pillar of Darkness might last as much as 100 years, which would mean that they would reemerge in England around 1917, right in the middle of World War I. What with Strange's wartime experiences already being an issue, not to mention whatever codependency issues they probably developed over a hundred years (one assumes for the sake of the story not ageing) together, I really want to see these two men returning to find England in the middle of a new and far more terrible war, made all the worse and more complicated by magicians on both sides. I would love to see this as an established relationship, and the only point of familiarity for them in the face of a world utterly changed.


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