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Strange/Norrell - magicians have daemons (His Dark Materials)

Every magician has a daemon.

Dæmons are the external physical manifestation of a person's 'inner-self' that takes the form of an animal. Dæmons have human intelligence and usually behave as though they are independent of their humans. At puberty a person's dæmon permanently and involuntarily assumes the form of the animal which the person most resembles in character. Dæmons and their humans are almost always of opposite genders.

The worst breach of etiquette imaginable is for a human to touch another person's dæmon; even in battle, most soldiers would never touch an enemy's dæmon, though exceptions can be made (such as between lovers). The physical handling of a dæmon causes vulnerability and weakness in the person whose dæmon is being touched.

Ship: Strange/Norrell
Contains: dæmon-touching and frottage

Fill (WIP) :

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