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☆ Round One!

Welcome to the first round of the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Kink Meme at [community profile] jsmn_kinkmeme!

Below are some basic guidelines to get started. Please make sure you also check out our complete Rules & Guidelines to minimise any confusion.

■ Anonymously comment with your request – a character/pairing/nthsome, and a kink or prompt.
■ Only one prompt per post.
■ Fillers please link your fills in the Fills Post!
■ Have fun! :)

Keep in mind:
■ Any kinks welcomed!
■ The fill/request does not need to be sexual or porny.
■ Multiple fills are allowed.
■ Fills can be any sort of creative work: fic, art, song, photomanip, etc.
■ Beware of spoilers! Prompters and requesters are encouraged to warn for spoilers, but this rule is not enforced.
■ Warning for non-con, dub-con, abuse, slurs/language, and other potentially disturbing subjects is encouraged but be aware we do not enforce this.

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Re: FILL: Strange/Grant, 7/?

(Anonymous) 2015-08-04 11:34 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, poor, poor Grant, and poor Jonathan too. A!A, my heart is breaking for them, and I'm not a sentimental type. This continues to be one of the most excellent pieces of fanfic I have ever read in any fandom.

Oh god, I just had a thought. Remember at the end of episode 4, when TV!Grant comes in to tell Strange that Wellington wants him back? I saw that as a soldier bracing himself for a battle, with a spark of excitement; now all I can see is a man in love clutching at straws.