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Strange/Norrell, Post-Pillar PDA

One of the things I've wondered about after the book/series is how a hundred years with only one other person, traveling through other worlds with other customs, might affect Norrell and Strange psychologically. Especially if they ended up together in a romantic way, and fairies looked on public displays of their affection either favorably or without caring, would they be able to stop themselves once they came back out? Presuming they do pop out around 1917, as some people have suggested, precisely how are these two magicians supposed to reintegrate themselves into society? Does Norrell tend to cling to Strange when he gets frightened (which, in a world with automobiles and other weird machines, once has to assume happens a lot)? Does Strange have the tendency to hold Norrell's hand at dinner parties, as it used to be an excellent way of warding off unwanted fairy attentions? How many times and how many places did they almost get caught kissing (or more, if Strange is feeling reckless and Norrell is feeling biddable)? Do they keep narrowly averting scandal? Who knows about them? Who suspects? How will the Strangeites and the Norrellites respond to their semi-fallen idols?

I am so filled with questions about this post-pillar period, and the psychological states and actions of these two, you have no idea! I would love to read anything you like, exploring these questions, or any others you can think of regarding the topic!

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