Someone wrote in [community profile] jsmn_kinkmeme 2015-08-30 04:45 pm (UTC)

Strange/Norrell/Arabella - Post-Pillar Polyamory

After a few years, Strange and Norrell are able to escape the Pillar and return to England. Arabella is eager to pick up where things left off with her husband, but there is a problem: Strange has entered into a relationship with Norrell in the intervening years. Arabella - not wanting to lose her husband but also not wanting to separate him from the man he has come to love - proposes a solution: that the three of them should live together. The arrangement takes some getting used to for all parties, and at first the relationship is only Arabella/Strange and Norrell/Strange. But then one night Strange has traveled somewhere, leaving Arabella and Norrell alone and... Something happens.

I just really want to see how this night would come to pass and what the aftermath would be. Is Jonathan jealous when he gets home and finds Norrell and Arabella in bed together? Or does he just shrug and get in with them? Also, I just really want to read about Norrell getting it on with a woman for once. Please folks, I'm begging here.

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