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Rules & Guidelines

Important Links
Current Prompt Post
Mod Post
Tumblr Fill Archive (updated monthly)
Fills Post
Discussion Post
Misfire deletion requests

On Prompts
• Please use subject lines that contain the pairing(s), kink(s), and relevant warnings (warning for non-con, dub-con, abuse, slurs/language is encouraged but be aware we do not enforce this).
• Elaboration on the prompt/kink should go in the body of the comment.
• One prompt per comment. Please don't re-post your prompts.
• Prompts do NOT have to be sexual or even ship-related. Fluff and gen are very much welcome.
• Different ideas can call for different levels of detail, but try to put yourself in a potential filler's shoes when posting your prompt. Consider if your idea might be too long and restrictive for anyone to satisfy properly, or if it might be too short and vague for anyone to draw proper inspiration from it.
• Keep in mind that there are many more prompts than fills and sometimes even the prompts you think are very good will remain unfilled. Meme history has demonstrated that if you prompt frequently in a short period of time — and people are able to identify the flood of prompts as coming from you — people may be disinclined to fill your prompts.
• It would be a good idea to track or bookmark your thread so you can answer any questions potential fillers may have.

On Fills
• Fills can exist in any medium, not just written!
• Please refrain from  "claiming" prompts, i.e. leave a comment on a prompt announcing you will fill it or are working on a fill. Not only does claiming prompts discourage other fillers but if you cannot fulfil your claim the prompt is left in limbo. 
• When choosing to post a link to your fill rather than the full text, please make sure it's accessible to the public. Links to locked entries will be warned and deleted. Make sure you provide a link to the fill nested under the prompt. This helps with Archiving and makes it easy for the OP to find the fill.
• Please make sure that when you come to post your fill, you are replying to the correct prompt subthread. If you are posting your fill elsewhere (e.g., AO3, FFN, Tumblr, DeviantArt), please provide a link in your reply to the prompt, and make sure your reply is nested under the correct prompt.
• When posting a fill in multiple parts, please thread your comments by replying to the previous part.
• There is no limit on how many fills a single prompt can receive.
• After you've posted your fill to this meme, it would be greatly appreciated by all members of the meme if you could post a link to your fill over on the Fills Post. This will make it much easier for everyone to go back and find the fills they really enjoyed!

General Etiquette
All comments must be anon. This means do not comment while logged in and please do not sign your comments or make your identity obvious. If you would like to be politely banned to avoid anon-failing, leave a logged-in comment on the mod post or pm the mod account. 
• No kink-shaming or prompt hijacking.
• We ask that you do not post criticism in response to fills unless the writer or artist has specifically asked for con-crit. If you do not enjoy your fill, simply say thank you or remain silent and move on.
• Let fillers know when you've enjoyed something they've produced! A little encouragement goes a long way towards getting more prompts filled, and it makes everyone feel pretty good.
• While sharing fills that may be relevant to a prompter's interests is encouraged, please refrain from using prompts as a platform to ask for comments on other fills.
• Warning for spoilers is good form, however this is not an enforced rule.
• Be nice. Have fun!

Comments are disabled on this post. Please direct all comments or questions about the rules here.