Someone wrote in [community profile] jsmn_kinkmeme 2015-08-22 11:40 pm (UTC)

Meme bad behaviour

Hello dearest mod!

There has been discussion lately about some bad behaviour going on in the prompt thread and I wanted to bring it to your attention in the hope you could make a reminder post about meme etiquette.

So, we have had a few instances of prompt-hijacking and prompt-criticising, including at least one where the hijacker made requests that were different from what the OP had asked for, while also suggesting that the OP's original prompt was OOC.

Additionally, the person who appears to be behind the hijackings very frequently signs their name to their comments, despite the fact that the point of the place is to be anonymous, and it's literally the first rule on the prompt post. So could we perhaps also have a reminder that this is an anonymeme?

Finally, there is someone on the kinkmeme (presumably a different someone) who has made it their mission to post as many prompts as they possibly can in the last three days. By that I mean that they have posted at least 70 prompts, all of which are easily identifiable as they come in batches of between 10 and 20, posted in five minute intervals over a period of a couple of hours, and are very distinctive in their format and wording (what I'm trying to say is it's obvious they are all coming from the same person). While it's great someone loves the kinkmeme this much, it would be nice not only to have the promised prompt freeze at 4000 comments, but also a reminder that it's only fair to fill roughly as often as you prompt (or something along those lines).

So yeah, those are the main concerns that have been cropping up in the discussion post. I am hoping you can pull a Stephen Black, in that the kinkmeme is disordered and dirty, but an etiquette reminder might see all these faults set right. :)

Thanks, and sorry if this comes across as negative and/or presumptuous, I just love this place and am sad that a lot of lovely prompters have become frustrated and unhappy over the last few days.

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