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Strange/Grant - Transfiguration

(Anonymous) 2015-08-29 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Strange & Grant - transfiguration
"I do not think you could have persuaded Colquhoun Grant to become a fox."
Strange persuades Colquhoun Grant to become a fox.
Hilarity ensues.

Also kind of including:

Prompt: Grant/Strange, talisman/lucky charm
Since Strange is very much invested in his boson friend Grant's well-being he makes a lucky charm/protective amulet/talisman from a trinket or anything else. Supposedly, it should keep Grant out of harm's way so that any stray bullet will miss him or barely scratch or if injury is unavoidable Grant will still pull through. No fancy shields and super showy magic, powerful but subtly, but you get the gist.

Fill: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=1211897#cmt1211897

Norrell/Strange - Weird Attempts at Wooing

(Anonymous) 2015-08-29 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: I love the notion of Norrell, Strange, or both attempting to hit on/woo/seduce one another, but doing so in a way the other just doesn't get. I've had a hankering for comedy with this pairing, and would love to see them either unsuccessfully or ultimately successfully try to pitch some woo at one another.

Fill: a Spell for Attracting Someone's Attention http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=1179385#cmt1179385 and on ao3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4678625

The Gentleman and Arabella, Grant/Strange, crack-fic

(Anonymous) 2015-08-29 10:23 am (UTC)(link)
(written as an apology-fic for the meme, as the only thing I could think to offer was fic a little different from my norm--an author who got things wrong!)

Arabella is plagued by the Gentleman, who keeps saying he'll show her Jonathan being unfaithful. When he does show her Grant and Strange fucking, the effect is not what he expects, as she seems to like it.


Strange/Grant - Unconscious desire, Sleepwalking

(Anonymous) 2015-08-29 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: On returning from the war, Jonathan starts sleepwalking. Through mirrors. And somehow keeps ending up in Major Grant's bedroom....

Given that multiple fills are allowed and I have been encouraged to post this, here is my version of events (WIP)

Fill: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=1215993#cmt1215993

Untitled (Childermass/Lascelles, Drawlight, Childermass/Norrell), spanking, public humilation

(Anonymous) 2015-08-30 12:50 am (UTC)(link)
PROMPT: We know it doesn't take much to make Lascelles snap and attack Childermass. What if he just decides to give him a good spanking. Maybe Drawlight is there? Maybe Norrell comes in and sends Lascelles out. What if Childermass subverts it by really liking it, but Lascelles doesn't know that (this is the kink that got me into writing it, incidentally)?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I filled this as apology-fic for the meme, because I did a wrong thing and needed to do something nice to apologise, so decided to do some writing outside the normal style I write. So I set to writing a Lascelles/Childermass fic, which isn't my norm. And, of course, it mysteriously turned into Childermass/Norrell at the end anyway. Why does this always happen to me?

FILL: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=1218809#cmt1218809

Strange/Norrell - Difficulties of being a virgin in Faerie

(Anonymous) 2015-08-30 06:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Original prompt - How do Strange and Norrell deal with Fairy interest in Norrell's virginity post canon? Supplementary prompts - Norrell being a geek about the whole business and Strange using the phrase "When I was in the Peninsula" at some point.

Fill in 5 parts complete here


Childermass/book!Drawlight/Lascelles--complete depravity!

(Anonymous) 2015-08-31 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
PROMPT: Childermass & Lascelles fuck Drawlight at the same time while glaring at each other, starting up a sort of competition over who can arouse him more, like Childermass smacks his ass really hard and Lascelles pinches/pulls his nips roughly and so on and so forth, just goes from there. Like "aha, he moaned louder than I did that!"

Meanwhile Drawlight’s having the best damn time ever.

FILL: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1241421#cmt1241421

Childermass/various, 5 times

(Anonymous) 2015-08-31 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: 5 times sex was a transaction for Childermass, and one time it wasn't.

I'm thinking: the sailor at Whitby, possibly a minor act of prostitution, letting a rich bibliophile have his way with him in exchange for a book, something with Lascelles (Childermass lets Lascelles do what he wants in order to get access to something Lascelles has?)... etc. Lots of Childermass gritting his teeth and getting filthily used.

And then the last time, preferably with Segundus.

Fill in progress: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1252429#cmt1252429

John Uskglass/Black Joan - Childermass is the Raven King's son

(Anonymous) 2015-09-01 03:02 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: The Raven King sires a bastard.


Fill: "Our John," in four parts. Warnings at the beginning of each installment; parts 2-4 posted as replies to part 1, so the link to part 1 will take you to the whole thing.


Ensemble, Post-Apocalyptic AU

(Anonymous) 2015-09-03 12:37 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Is this weird? This feels weird. BUT there is this footnote in the novel that I love to bits, dealing with "the commonly-held belief that all ruined buildings belong to the Raven King" and it made me want more:

All of Man’s works, all his cities, all his empires, all his monuments will one day crumble to dust. Even the houses of my own dear readers must –though it be for just one day, one hour be ruined and become houses where the stones are mortared with moonlight, windowed with starlight and furnished with the dusty wind. It is said that in that day, in that hour, our houses become the possessions of the Raven King. Though we bewail the end of English magic and say it is long gone from us and inquire of each other how it was possible that we came to lose something so precious, let us not forget that it also waits for us at England's end and one day we will no more be able to escape the Raven King than, in this present Age, we can bring him back.

Someone please write me this world. It can be a modern AU, or perhaps something happened not long after the end of the novel to cause England's end. Magical accident? Angry powerful fairy? The lord of Hell coming to collect a debt? It's up to you anon.

Slashiness not necessary, but any and all pairings are go if you feel like it.

Fill in two parts: The King's Roads. A post-apocalyptic AU set shortly after show canon. Ensemble focused on Stephen, Emma, Childermass and Segundus in a ruined England as enemy armies draw closer to their last remaining free city. I didn't actually get as far as the Raven King's return, though.


(Anonymous) 2015-09-03 03:13 am (UTC)(link)

childermass/segundus in faerie

(Anonymous) 2015-09-05 04:43 pm (UTC)(link)
PROMPT: alright so......for some reason, childermass and mr. segundus have to travel to faerie, I don't really care why. the important thing is once they're there, at some point segundus is seduced by a faerie disguised as childermass. the faerie cast a spell on the real childermass so he's trapped/frozen and can only watch, helpless and probably more than a little turned on.

FILL (in-progress): http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=1204217#cmt1204217

Strange - Orgasm Denial

(Anonymous) 2015-09-05 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt (http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=745977#cmt745977): I'll just leave this here.

[Additional prompters suggested that Wellington might do this to remind Strange who's boss, or might have Grant do it.]

Ships: Strange/Grant, directed by Wellington

Warnings: Dubcon

Wellington orders Grant to teach Strange a lesson. It does not go quite as expected.

Fill: Toy Soldiers (http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=1320185#cmt1320185)

Re: Strange - Orgasm Denial

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Continuation (Toy Soldiers parts 3 and 4)


Re: Strange - Orgasm Denial

(Anonymous) - 2015-09-17 01:25 (UTC) - Expand

Strange/Norrell/Arabella - Post-Pillar Polyamory

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 10:45 am (UTC)(link)
After a few years, Strange and Norrell are able to escape the Pillar and return to England. Arabella is eager to pick up where things left off with her husband, but there is a problem: Strange has entered into a relationship with Norrell in the intervening years. Arabella - not wanting to lose her husband but also not wanting to separate him from the man he has come to love - proposes a solution: that the three of them should live together. The arrangement takes some getting used to for all parties, and at first the relationship is only Arabella/Strange and Norrell/Strange. But then one night Strange has traveled somewhere, leaving Arabella and Norrell alone and... Something happens.

I just really want to see how this night would come to pass and what the aftermath would be. Is Jonathan jealous when he gets home and finds Norrell and Arabella in bed together? Or does he just shrug and get in with them? Also, I just really want to read about Norrell getting it on with a woman for once. Please folks, I'm begging here.


Fill: Everything You Always Wanted


A little sequel threesome

(Anonymous) 2015-09-11 03:09 pm (UTC)(link)
As suggested by the OP.


Stephen Black/John Childermass, Fealty

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 05:31 pm (UTC)(link)
"You are a king, sir, but you are not my king."

Childermass is willing to kneel for Stephen out of respect and desire, but not out of fealty. That is owed to another, and he is sure to be very clear on that fact. The fairies of Lost Hope think this a fine bit of cheek, but Stephen appreciates it. He wants a lover, not a servant, and he will take respect over obedience any day.

MINI-FILL: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1335885#cmt1335885

Faint due to magic Childermass with confused Grant

(Anonymous) 2015-09-08 08:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: For some reason Childermass and Grant are in some remote bit of countryside/moorland. Maybe it's when Strange is trying to go mad or maybe post canon, either way they are travelling somewhere/checking something out. They aren't really used to each other, maybe they've not long met.
Anyway they end up somewhere with a lot of magic about and Childermass starts feeling pretty faint and terrible (like how he did when Lady Pole was doing her stuff with the gun) Grant is confused about what's happening, not liking the idea of there maybe being enemies he can't see/fight.

Where to go from there? Maybe the magic is accidental, maybe it's something they are trying to stop, or something weird and just there like the spirit of a place and it starts showing them what they fear moving in the mist around them (just chucking ideas out there, you don't have to use them). But mostly just want some Grant helping Childermass stay on his feet. Childermass claiming not to need help, but actually does. Maybe they are stuck out there at night with the magic all around them and they have to huddle together for warmth.

Shippy would be good, but awkward growing friendship (that doesn't rule out one day there being something else) is good too.


Fill in Progress: On the March

Completed and on AO3

(Anonymous) 2015-09-10 11:29 pm (UTC)(link)

Also contains some elements of the following Round One prompt in the last section:

Childermass/anyone, scars

I certainly didn't invent this - it's appeared in several fics, including I think "What the Master Doesn't Know" - but I personally headcanon Childermass with pretty brutal whipping scars on his back. It's so strong in my mind that whenever he undresses in a fic I have half expect his partner to remark on them, haha.

So I would love a fic that focuses heavily on this. Any pairing; the exact origin of the scars is up to you, but I'd love it if his partner got him to talk about it, spent a lot of time fussing over them, is angry/upset about them etc. basically a big batch of hurt/comfort with Childermass frankly a little uncomfortable with somebody caring so much for a hurt that was done to him long ago.


Strange/Grant, desperate sex

(Anonymous) 2015-09-08 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I want these two men, two men in the the thick of the war, two men who have been in the Peninsula for a couple of years, starved of physical attention, desperate for some sort of release of their sexual desires, and so they turn to each other because why the hell not...they're two men... they know what the other wants and what the other NEEDS.
Make it desperate. Make it filthy.


Strange/Norrell Strange Fantasising About Norrell

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 02:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Original Prompt:

It struck me that we've had a lot of prompts to do with Norrell's unrequited crush on Jonathan, but nothing going the other way. I'd love to see Jonathan's mind wandering to all sorts of filthy places whenever he's with Norrell. Bonus points if he's shocked by just how into it he really is. All the bonus points in the world if this leads to him continually having to excuse himself for a bit, lest things get embarrassing.

(And secret ultra bonus points if they still get together in the end, because OP is a sap like that.)

Fill in two parts
Link: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1354317#cmt1354317

Segundus/Maria Absalom, Dream Seduction

(Anonymous) 2015-09-10 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: The ghostly sorceress takes a shine to the sweet young magician who interrupted her summoning, and becomes prone to appearing in his dreams every so often afterwards. They start out innocent, walks and conversations, she wouldn't want to scare the poor thing, but gradually take a turn for the lusty as Segundus grows bolder and more comfortable. He is an absolute pleasure to seduce, and not altogether as innocent as he looks.

Bonus if John doesn't initially realise that she's the actual Maria Absalom, and feels ashamed for some time for having such dreams about a poor lady long dead just because she smiled at him once in someone else's dream.

Also bonus if someone else eventually finds out about the dreams (or, if say John Childermass, accidentally ends up in one of them), and has something of a bug-eyed reaction to dream!Segundus and his lusty mistress.

fill: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1360461#cmt1360461

Strange/Grant top!Strange

(Anonymous) 2015-09-10 06:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I've read some really incredible Strange/Grant fics on this meme but all of them have involved Grant topping. Whilst I love this, I'd really like to read something where Grant is happy to bend over and gladly give himself to Merlin and Merlin being a surprisingly talented top.



Childermass/Norrell - magical orgasm/control over Childermass' body

(Anonymous) 2015-09-11 02:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Meme please help - I have a naughty thought in which Norrell uses magic to make Childermass come (perhaps as a reward?) and is several feet away from him when he does so.

My ideal scenario would be Norrell reading beside the fireplace, Childermass sitting at his desk, and Norrell doing the magic (perhaps surprising him with it, as they might have done this before?) and Childermass ending up slumped over his desk groaning and gasping until he comes in his breeches. They don't even have to say anything, or even look at each other(!!), it's just the control of it, that Norrell can reduce this big horsey man to a whimpering mess without even looking up from his book.


Fill: The Art of Surprise


Childermass - people finding him asleep in odd places (minor Childermass/Segundus)

(Anonymous) 2015-09-11 09:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Childermass leans, slumps and lounges over pretty much everything. Maybe sometimes, if he's off-duty, or travelling, or been kept up at odd hours, or wounded/exhausted, he dozes off while slumped/wedged wherever. Gimme some glimpses of people stumbling across him.

Full prompt and fill are here: http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1233229#cmt1233229

Grant singing

(Anonymous) 2015-09-11 10:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Merlin discovers the softer side of Major Rod-up-his-capable-arse-snarkmeister Grant when he hears him singing an English folk song that Merlin knows.

I don't mind how it goes after that, I don't even care if they are in/not in/on the verge of a relationship. I just want Merlin to have a little moment of sweetness and fellow-feeling for Grant, and Grant to warm to Merlin a little more.

Blisteringly hot sex is always welcome, but I'm also here for the feels.

FILL: (http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1613.html?thread=1368141#cmt1368141)

Re: Grant singing

(Anonymous) 2015-09-13 10:07 am (UTC)(link)
On AO3:


Strange/Henry Woodhope - Grief-stricken seduction

(Anonymous) 2015-09-12 12:52 am (UTC)(link)

Henry's gotten no love here yet, and I admit a terrible desire to see a grief-stricken, half-mad Jonathan seducing his brother in law. I want to see guilt, shock, Henry being totally overwhelmed and confused, and way more responsive than he thought he would ever be. Dubcon welcome.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just be over here in the bin.

Fill: A Strange Madness

On the meme:

On AO3:

Childermass/Uskglass - Pre-canon, they meet in a bar

(Anonymous) 2015-09-12 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: (http://jsmn-kinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/1273.html?thread=150777#cmt150777)
Childermass will not have recognised him at the time, but the Raven King has visited him once before. Some years before the start of the book/series he met a most peculiar man at a bar in Yorkshire, and ended up being taken back to a rented room.

Feel free to take the above prompt and run with it, but I've got a few bonus points to hand out:

+ In a roundabout way The Raven King is responsible for Childermass' employ with Norrell
+ it's pretty, slender book!Uskglass, and he tops Childermass mercilessly

Ship: John Childermass/John Uskglass (the Raven King)
Warnings: None
Summary: When John Childermass was still yet a young man of twenty years or thereabouts he started working at an inn called the King's Arms. While there he met a pale, handsome gentleman who happened to solicit him for a very particular service.

Fill on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4784801

Hurt Childermass/Segundus

(Anonymous) 2015-09-13 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Partial fill request for a hurt Childermass showing up with Vinculus at Starecross. It's only a partial fill b/c they don't get together in the end, however, there are a few moments when Segundus daydreams.

Summary: Vinculus and Childermass show up at Starecross on a dark and stormy night. The residents of the house have their hands full caring for an injured Childermass. Childermass' frequent trips into Faerie caused his path to cross with a dangerous foe. The faerie shows up at Starecross demanding the injured Childermass. It's up to Segundus and Vinculus to protect Childermass from the faerie that wants him dead.


if the link doesn't work - it's at AO3 - titled - And Some of What He Knew Might be the Death of Him.

Re: Hurt Childermass/Segundus

(Anonymous) 2015-09-13 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
GAH! I linked to another post here that I just finished reading! SORRY!

The link is actually - http://archiveofourown.org/works/4747460/chapters/10851461

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