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Feel free to talk about anything, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell-related or otherwise! Authors looking for a beta, and betas looking for authors, are more than welcome to advertise here.

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Re: Episode 4 Discussion (no book spoilers pls!)

(Anonymous) 2015-06-08 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
I think the arguments between Arabella and Strange are supposed to draw attention to the fact that Strange is getting caught up in his own ego and isn't exercising any caution, he's just doing stuff because it's fun and without regard for how it worries Arabella. I think it's less that Arabella is there to stop him from having fun but more that it's a comment on the fact that the kind of fun he wants to have is an unattractive reckless side of his character.

imo we are supposed to feel ambivalent about how Strange's character is developing. Arabella is supposed to be the moral compass of the story. I can see where you're coming from that the way they've presented her flattens her character though and gives her the job of reining Strange in instead of giving her development herself. I wish there'd been more in the friendship between Arabella and Lady Pole but that might still be to come.